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"The primary danger in agreeing to create, rather than in agreeing to merely write, is that you are agreeing to throw over your everyday being and turn yourself into a vehicle run by your imagination. You are agreeing to stand perplexed for a whole year as your plot works itself out, agitated for every second of that year as this idea and then that idea spills out from your firing neurons, all those tumbling ideas demanding to be understood, evaluated, accepted, or rejected...You are agreeing to bleed for your art on days when your ideas torture you.

Do not nod and agree to risk your equanimity unless you mean it."

-Eric Maisel A Writer's Space

{image from we heart it.com}

this year my novel is my boyfriend.
the one i ask its' desires.
the one i ask its' interests.
its favorite foods.
the characters within become his best friends, and therefore my best mates.
and i will become the fly on the wall recording all the wonderful nuggets they give me.

what is your art?
06 July 2009 @ 05:55 pm
Star #3: Central Park


If you ever happen upon a city called New York, make sure to walk a mile in Central Park.
I've lived here for twenty three years, and yesterday was my first real stroll through its paths.
There are parts of it that will take your breath away, and some of those scenes I was fortunate enough
to photograph. I also chanced upon a beautiful place called "The Secret Garden," with a beautiful pond,
statues, and lush floral beauties all around. I felt at any moment, my cousin Ash (my partner in crime), we could turn a corner, and end up in Beaversdam (Chronicles of Narnia).

photographs and miscellanies taken at Central Park

a red robin's given you the key...go forth there's more for you to seeCollapse )
22 May 2009 @ 02:06 pm
Star #2


The Unicorn Diaries is a lot like chancing upon a secret garden hidden amongst a great wood.
The artist of this beautiful diary combines breathtaking photography, unique artistry, and words which are short, sweet, and poetic, to bring us a gem.

It reads like olden tales, and always puts me in mind of "The Little Princess." To have been conceived on a computer, it always gives me a feel that it has been written/drawn/created by hand. It also has this feel of something that has been created during a time where one hand wrote letters, lit their homes with oil lamps; cherished simple things like clean sheets of parchment, pressed flowers for saving, and ribboned letters to keep in a treasure box. This was one of the inspirations for Sapphire Sundae.

be enchanted.
take a peek.
18 May 2009 @ 02:05 am

flight with light plastic
my love huntress Diana
lightbox of my soul
-Mark Sink, Diana+ True Tales & Short Stories

hi. my name's DIANA. nice to meet you.Collapse )
18 May 2009 @ 02:00 am

{this will be my special tag for those times I'm too inspired by the music to keep it to myself}

with that in mind, i leave you a modest trinket for your gramophoneCollapse )
with that in mind, i leave you a modest trinket for your gramophoneCollapse )
18 May 2009 @ 01:59 am

{'wander through stars' will be a section dedicated to websites, blogs, live journals/places i find lovely, inspirational, and highly serendipitous}

Star #1

Wish Wish Wish by Carrie

Carrie hails from England, and brings with her a treasure trove of whimsical trinkets, how-to's, advice, and fashion. Her photography is simply stunning, and she never fails to inspire me to try new things with accessories, interior decorating, books, and a wealth of other ideas that will get your mind spinning in wonderful ways!

take a peek.