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18 May 2009 @ 02:05 am
I ♥ Diana  

flight with light plastic
my love huntress Diana
lightbox of my soul
-Mark Sink, Diana+ True Tales & Short Stories

Diana + is a vintage line of cameras known for producing dreamy qualities,
and surprises with each flicker of the shutter.

It seems to encourage you to view the world and all of its little intricacies as works of art, and
worth cataloguing in the museum of your life. An old, ragged fence you pass by on your way
to work, a candy wrapper disturbed by wind on the side walk, the salt and pepper shakers
that sat on the table of the restaurant you shared with your love. The dreamy quality it captures,
paints an allure over all of these seemingly minute details of life, breathing a story
into them.

I first found out about them when, Carrie, of WishWishWish.net, wrote a post about her Holga
(another line of lomographic cameras). The next day (no lie) I was so surprised to find that
Urban Outfitters not only sold Holgas, they sold limited edition 'Dreamer' versions of Diana+.

Being the photography enthusiast I am, I knew this camera would teach me a thing or two
about photography, and allow me to produce the dreamy quality that I most often use photoshop
for. It is a bit of a challenge to switch from digital to film, but what's special is the fact that
you aren't instantly gratified with the results.

The box set also came with a wonderful little book called "Diana+ True Tales & Short Stories,"
filled with some of the most awesome photography I've ever seen. It also has some quite amusing
fictitious accounts of others and their encounters with the camera.

The set was $75 dollars. Kind of expensive, seeing that the camera itself costs like $20.
But it's well worth the price.

{fun tidbit- those of you who were highly disappointed by the cancellation of polaroid,
you'll be happy to know that the diana+ now has an instant back, which will reawaken
your love for instant photography. click the .

I've just captured my very first roll of black and white 120 mm. Updates coming soon
when I get them developed.

want more information? Diana,
Holga, Lomo Archive of Photographs .

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"The Diana loves the little things. It loves breakfast, your dog, your boyfriend or girlfriend,
that crazy hat in the window, the unbelievable morning traffic, those gummed up salt
shakers, a blazing afternoon sun..."