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08 June 2009 @ 05:46 pm
Lace/Grunge Diarist  


rainbow pencils or crayons or pastels
paper doilies
pens {preferably quills dipped in thick violet ink}
pressed flowers
old letters {maybe found serendipitously}


Anything at any point can be added to this list of tools.
Use your imagination to fill your scrolls with the breathings of your heart.
if you find it a bit daunting to start a journal, I understand as the white page can be the most intimidating of all.
{un} condition yourself to see lines, structure, or whatever else constricts.
write on a slant. paste in a napkin, or a scribbled note from a friend.
find pictures in magazines, or in programs of old art show booklets, or we heart it. old photographs of your grandmother, or polaroids.
paste in a doily, scribble a poem on it, or a sentence. or one word.
draw something or paint even if you don't feel like a learned artist. Picasso or Dali painted many things which the world did not understand until they decided to take it all in.

some people love fancy bound leather journals,
some composition notebooks, or moleskines.
whatever you love, imprint your very likeness onto each page.
any topic will suffice.
one period dotted onto a sheet in your scroll says something worth taking in.

Sabrina Ward Harrison seemed to have perfected the soul journal.
Her book "Spilling Open," is a cacaphonic dream of paintings, old photographs,
and words scribbled with paint or markers, detailing her journey to learning herself.

"they talk of the power of the "wounded healer"--the one who dares to bare their soul, who feels the pull to do so, to guide others through the twilight to dawn. it is the wounded healer [who] knows the blood of the people, and isn't afraid to show that they too are bleeding. that is their tincture, their medicine. maybe that's what we are. maybe the medicine is in the revealing, the baring of scraped knees and bruised hearts."
--Sabrina Ward Harrison

Imprint your journal, dance, write esctatically with oxymorons, and epiphanies.
No one's looking.

when your done, invite someone in.

maybe it will show them that the cracks they are so afraid to show,
are the cracks you have as well.

{picture above found on we heart it, although i believe it might be from the unicorn diaries.}

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Meg the Writermeganthewriter on June 10th, 2009 05:29 am (UTC)
thanks so much, hun. now the challenge (unless you just feel like buying another journal, which i do like every month, lol) will be to 'transform' your leather journal into that. it can def. be done. because something drew you to that journal, so make it you! :)